7 Essential Loyalty Communications to Maximize Participation

7 Essential Loyalty Communications to Maximize Participation

Tracy Gattis 4 min

A lot goes into a really effective loyalty program. Once you have the strategy, design and financials planned out, the next important step is to focus on a robust marketing communications plan, so you and your customers can get the maximum benefit.


All your marketing channels provide great opportunities to promote your loyalty program, especially email and SMS. The goal is to make every customer feel special and celebrate them every step of the way. Rev up your loyalty program with these proven loyalty program communications.

7 essential loyalty programs communications for a successful loyalty initiative

1. Welcome email

There should be a ‘wow’ factor in your new member’s welcome email. The message, tone and graphics should make a memorable impression. Most brands reward customers with enrollment points or coupons to get started in the loyalty program.


This initial message should introduce new members to the benefits of your loyalty program. It’s also a perfect opportunity to introduce them to all the ways they can earn—cash, discounts, coupons and more. Make the customer feel like an extended partner, or even family, after joining the program.



Morphe Rewards

Welcome, Morphe Babe.

We can’t believe it’s true. You’re finally here.

Now, sit back and let the hottest products, jaw-dropping surprises and FREE shipping (on orders $60+) come to you.

CTA [Start earning points]


2. Point earning alerts

Let customers feel they’re rewarded for their actions when engaging with your brand. That could be in the form of loyalty points, perks and benefits.


Point earning alert messages keep customers intrigued and urge them to engage again. Definitely include a thank you as part of your alert email or push notification, recognizing them for their efforts.



You made our day.

Smile, Davis.

Now we’re making yours!

We just gave you XX bonus points.

Trying new things is definitely a big deal and this is our way of saying thank you!

CTA [My rewards account]


3. First purchase thank you message and send more offers

The first purchase confirmation message is essential. It instantly builds a connection with your customer. The message should let them know you recognize and appreciate their decision to trust your brand or offerings.


You can notify members about additional loyalty rewards they may have earned as part of making this purchase, which can motivate them to keep coming back. This is also a great time to keep the momentum going and suggest related purchase offers, enticing customers to go back to your website.



Earn 50 bonus points on your first purchase within 30 days of signing up

CTA [Shop now]


4. Quarterly earnings and redemption reviews

This loyalty communication provides the customer a snapshot of their earnings and redemptions for the quarter. It demonstrates how loyal they’ve been for a defined period.


Graphics and reports that provide visuals and details about quarterly earnings, redemptions and progress can be attached to the email. Seeing how much they earned, saved and spent can help boost engagement. Providing incentives can also encourage new purchases.


ULTA Beauty

What a year it’s been!

Wow, Danielle, in 2023 you …

Shopped at Ulta Beauty: 5 times

Earned a total of XXX points

Saved a total of $30

New year, new possibilities!

CTA [Shop now]


5. Tier-up message

Tier-up alert messages remind your customers they’re about to level up for more earnings and benefits. Sweeten the pot with a list of added benefits they can access when they reach the new tier.


Show them the number of purchases or referrals they need to reach that next tier/level. Plus, you can offer them limited-time offers if they reach this pre-defined tier/level in a given timeframe. With a deadline and bonus, customers have plenty of reasons to make the extra effort.



You’ve unlocked SWEET ELITE STATUS!

Say hello to your new rewards.

Reward 1 – {IMG – Reward Description}

Reward 2 – {IMG – Reward Description}

Reward 3 – {IMG – Reward Description}

Plus, you still keep your VIP Rewards.

CTA [Visit your account]

Place X more orders and unlock the Bronze customer bonus!

A sweet 25% discount coupon is waiting for you. [heart emoji]


6. Reactivation confirmation message

Loyalty program communications must continually give members meaningful reasons to engage and make purchases. Reactivation messages can be a good way to get inactive members to re-engage with your brand. Again, you can offer them limited-time discounts with a deadline. This creates urgency which can trigger faster results.

Re-activation reminders should be crisp, brief, engaging and eye-catching. You may have to send a series of 4 to 5 emails to trigger a response.


We miss you!

You have $20 in rewards available to redeem. Place your next order and get FREE shipping on orders of $60 or more.

CTA [Shop now]

7. Points expiration email

Points expiration emails are a great way to motivate customers to come back to your website or mobile app and engage with your brand. These emails drive the highest clickthrough and conversion rates. These communications also help reduce your financial liability from outstanding loyalty points by encouraging members to redeem their points towards their next purchase.


Also, since these reminders are helpful to customers, ensuring they don’t lose their points due to expiration, they build trust in your brand. Most brands send multiple reminders, such as 45 days before expiration, then again 15 days before expiration, to urge customers to redeem their expiring points.


TaylorMade Golf

Kobe, you have points expiring in 15 days

Expiring Points = XXX

Save on clubs, apparel and accessories. Don’t let your points go to waste.

CTA [Redeem & save]


Communications are key to engagement and participation

Timely, relevant and frequent loyalty program communications are key to building lasting customer loyalty. If implemented well, your communication strategy can go a long way in increasing member engagement and improving your rewards program.


When your member communications add value and help your customers, they’ll be eager to share their great experience, recommend your brand and loyalty program to others, and may even become brand advocates.


For more than 10 years, Annex Cloud has been the worldwide leader in technology and service solutions that transform customer loyalty experiences for organizations, extending valued customer engagement and collecting valuable customer information for enabling data-led strategies. 


Our comprehensive, configurable and scalable Loyalty Experience Platform™ offers the widest range of engagement and marketing options to keep your customers coming back again and again. Let’s talk about how to make the most of your loyalty program communications.

Tracy Gattis 4 min

7 Essential Loyalty Communications to Maximize Participation

Read this blog to learn how to keep member engagement up and your program value front and center in all loyalty communications.

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